Farm Tribe 3: Farm Island Wiki

Quest list Dragon Island 151-200


151 Find a healing mushroom
152 Fetch fresh water
153 Take the poison from the Elder's home
154 Take the poison from the pier
155 Take the poison from the residents' homes
156 Take the poison from the warehouse
157 Take the poison from the Forge
158 Load up the catapult
159 Collect phantom dust
160 The Top of the Oracle. Part 4
161 Distract the stone guard
162 Find gunpowder
163 Find fireworks
164 Find gold pirates' coins
165 Shoot the rage warrior with the fire potion
166 Find the last part of the statue of the Oracle
167 The Top of the Oracle. Part 5
168 Build a cargo boat
169 Find a sail for the boat
170 Find a large log
171 Find stone tree branches
172 Sailing to the Island of the Oracle
173 Install the last part of the Oracle
174 Gather stone adhesive
175 Fetch fresh water
176 Find the royal papyrus seeds
177 Find the hoe
178 Question to the Oracle. Part 1
179 Clear up a seedbed for the papyrus
180 Plant royal papyrus
181 Prepare fertilizer for the papyrus beds
182 Collect seaweed
183 Gather stone dust
184 Growing papyrus
185 Brew a poison for locusts
186 Find an orange flower
187 Find a poisonous mushroom
188 Rescuing the Crop. Part 1
189 Cast out the locusts
190 Build a water pump
191 Find a gear
192 Search for the Elder's tools
193 Find copper ingots
194 Find gold pirates' coins
195 Rescuing the Crop. Part 2
196 Clean the poison off the papyrus
197 Gather the harvest
198 Find a sail
199 Create a scroll
200 Find red paint