Quest list Dragon Island 201-250

201 The Answer to the Main Question
202 Clear the fish creek of fog
203 Making the Ink
204 Make nets
205 Find silk thread
206 Find floating bones
207 Catch a black octopus
208 Gather the bait
209 Prepare ink
210 Collect pollen
211 Fetch fresh water
212 Write the question on the scroll
213 Find the Shaman's paintbrush
214 Pass the scroll to the Oracle
215 Present the Oracle with offerings
216 Waiting for the Oracle's answer
217 Find the hidden cache of the Creators
218 Search for the hidden cache of the Creators
219 Clear the Sphinx of fog
220 Repairing the Sphinx Statue
221 Fix the Sphinx
222 Obtain sandy marble
223 Make a ladder
224 Find Amber Gold
225 Restoring the Sphinx's Tiara
226 Create tiara
227 Search for the Elder's tools
228 Find gold pirates' coins
229 Install the tiara on the Sphinx
230 Create a diving bell
231 Collect lead
232 Collect dragon scales
233 Find silver pirates' coins
234 The Top of the pyramid. Part 1
235 Build a cargo boat
236 Find a large log
237 Find stone tree branches
238 Find a sail for the boat
239 Find a pirate gold coins
240 Find ghost onyx
241 Find hook
242 Deliver the onyx to the Forge
243 Make a new top for the pyramid
244 Find drawings of the top of the pyramid
245 Obtain marble
246 The Top of the pyramid. Part 2
247 Transfer the top
248 Place the top
249 Make huge tools
250 Make a ladder


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