Quests list Dragon Island 1-50

1 Collect food for the Shaman
2 Collect food for the Elder
3 Find the Shaman
4 Move the Shaman
5 Disperse fog above the Elders's house
6 Find the Elder in the settlement
7 Free the Elder from the rubble
8 Rescuing the Elder
9 Medicine for the Elder
10 Find fire flower
11 Clear the glade of fog
12 Find the healing mushroom
13 Find medicine for the Elder
14 Heal Elder
15 Collect all the fire flowers
16 Clear Dragons' Lair of fog
17 Fire bed
18 Build a ritual hearth
19 Find star granite
20 Collect food for the Shaman
21 Feed the residents of the settlement
22 Heat-resistant warehouse
23 Clear the Elder's forge of fog
24 Move the Elder
25 Collect materials for construction
26 Find star granite
27 Find Dragon scales
28 Find the Elder's tools
29 Build the firebarn
30 The Shaman's fire
31 Clear away the fog from the houses of the residents
32 Create medicine for the settlement's residents
33 Help the residents
34 Collect food for the residents
35 Help repair a house in the settlement
36 Find the Pharaoh
37 Underground route
38 Remove the debris in the Dragon's Lair
39 Find the Shaman's fire
40 Search for snake oil
41 Forced to rest
42 Clear the river of fog
43 Find the Shaman's cauldron
44 Make antidote
45 The road to the pyramid
46 Clear the pyramid of fog
47 Charging the pyramid
48 Find the Pharaoh
49 Help the travelers
50 Collect medicine for the travelers


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